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Flawless Tanning spray tan



1. Remove dead skin cells by doing a full body exfoliation. It is advised that this should be done a couple of night before, prior to your treatment. By exfoliating it ensures the removal of all dead cells which if not removed may inhibit tanning results.


2. Shave/wax at least 24 hours before. This allows pores to close again, otherwise resulting in a ‘plucked chicken’ effect from the tanning solution sitting in the open pores.


3. Deodorants and perfumes can prohibit the absorption of the solution; it is therefore advised not to apply any on the day of your treatment.


4. Moisturiser well using a good quality product [e.g. Ultra Rich Body cream by Dermalogica] on the day of the tanning application.




On your very first tanning session, I will ask you a number of questions and fill in a consultation form for you; this will be kept on file for your next visit and not entered onto any external database.


You will be asked to remove your clothing, own underwear can be replace with disposables. [Leaving on what you feel comfortable in.]


Barrier cream will be applied to your hands and feet and any dry areas to prevent them from tanning too much.


Manual application will take on average 30 mins, plus a few extra minutes to dry –


During treatment you will see the colour on your skin. This is a guide colour.  The tan will develop over 8 hours (max). The guide colour will be seen washing off during your initial shower.




We advise you wear old dark underwear e.g.: a thong or bikini bottoms whilst tanning. [Most women choose to go topless]. We would like to advise you that we want you to feel comfortable, so you wear what suits you.

Men - Boxer shorts or shorts to be worn.


There are different strengths of DHA, and your therapist will advise you of the one best suited to your skin tone, bearing in mind how dark you want to go. The darker you tan naturally, the darker you will go with a self tan application



Fake tanning has come a long way since the early days. Better solutions and product ensure better results. However, it is also advised that you follow the above advice carefully in order to ensure best results.




Wait up to 8 hours before showering.

Wear old dark, loose clothing during the development time of the tan. The tan will wash out of most clothing but may stain lighter coloured items. Tight clothing may also cause rub off, resulting in lighter patches on your skin.

Do not do excessive exercise and perspire during the tans development time.

Try not to take long baths or go swimming as chlorine will fade the tan quicker.

Pat, do not rub yourself dry after showering or bathing.

Moisturise with a good quality body cream daily. Avoid harsh shower gels etc.. as they will remove your tanning product prematurely.